MyBirdDNA aims to become the favorite bird laboratory to breeders.
Help us to reach this goal!

MyBirdDNA offers you oppotunities to work with us by joining either the affiliate program and/or the translation job.

Join us to help us

Affiliate program
You have enjoy your experience with MyBirdDNA. You have appreciate our serious, the fast results and our good prices.

Why not becoming an affiliate to MyBirdDNA laboratory?

This is quite simple : we give you a unique link to MyBirdDNA website that you can share to people by email, Facebook, tweeter, on advertisment, on website etc. When somebody clicks on this link, you are his referrer. If he does an order you earn a percent of the amount. If he does not do an order and go back to the MyBirdDNA website later but not with your link, you still his referrer.
So for each order of client that you have referred to our website, your earn money.
If you are interested, please contact us.

The main problem to the development of MyBirdDNA laboratory is that it remains some translation errors. MyBirdDNA website, the certificates and the emails are originally written in english and then translated in other languages.
You are welcome if you want to help us to correct the translation in exchange of free DNA tests.
We have developped an easy system to correct the mistake translation directly in the website.
If you are interested, please contact us.

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